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Mothers Day 2010

Thank you to all my wonderful children that sent me Mother's Day cards. I got homemade ones from Ethan and Ashley and Landon and Myah. They were perfect and the things you wrote really touched my heart. The singing one from Megan and Joey was so Meg. Thank you dear girl. Kaila's was also perfect for her to give me,I couldn't have picked out a better one. You did a good job K.J. Tessa's was funny and also so Tessa. You always say the right things Tessa. Joslyn and James was great,but what they wrote inside made me feel both deep gratitude and love. And a little undeserving. And of course the one from Ella.....the pictures were adoable as usual. I had a great day and the gifts and cards were PERFECT. I love all of you and am so greatful to call you my children. You all make me very proud. Love mom